Industry Leading Zipline Safety

Skyline's Zipline Tour Safety Program

Since 2002, more guests have safely zipped with Skyline Eco-Adventures than with any other zipline company in the United States. From the start, safety has always been our number one priority, an essential part of every decision we make and everything we do. With over two million safe customer zipline crossings Skyline has an unmatched track record of safety, enabling our customers to feel secure in the unforgettable experiences they have at Skyline.

Skyline Eco-Adventures works with third party inspectors, and professional engineers to ensure that our zipline courses meet or exceed industry safety standards. From concept to design, to construction, Skyline is proud to work with Glynn Geotechnical Engineering, on all our recent projects. Glynn Geotechnical is an internationally recognized firm, licensed in 42 States for Structural and Geotechnical Engineering work. Mark Glynn, owner of Glynn Geotechnical, sits on the ASTM F24 subcommittee developing standards on Aireal Adventure Courses, along with Skyline founder Danny Boren. Mr. Glynn has also been a featured speaker at Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) conferences with regard to zipline engineering practices. Mr. Glynn has worked with Skyline to develop specific protocols and loads for anchor testing to certify the safety of all anchors used at Skyline courses for in field validation, on top of the engineering designs the anchors carry.

Every day prior to taking guests on tour, trained staff at every Skyline tour location go through a thorough inspection of all ziplines, platforms, trails, and equipment on each course. On top of Skyline's daily course inspections, in-depth inspections are conducted throughout the year by Skyline management. At least once per year Skyline hires a professional accredited ACCT inspector to conduct a comprehensive 3rd party review of each Skyline course, the equipment, and all current practices. The 3rd party inspection provides Skyline with valueable feedback on processes and aids in our efforts to constantly improve all of our zipline offerings.

Skyline Eco-Adventures' 80-hour Guide Training process far exceeds the current industry standard 40-hour training requirements. Furthermore, following training, guides undergo a period of "Assistant Guiding" with a senior guide, allowing them many more days working with experienced staff members - during which time the guide will further refine their skills. This extensive guide training process is the foundation which our tours are built upon. Skyline constantly strives to offer thrilling family adventures with an unmatched eye for safety, and that safety begins with our team of award-winning zipline guides.

Skyline's Technology Division develops state-of-the-art zipline equipment that retains a true sense of adventure for the guest while providing the industry's most comprehensive safety systems. Skyline has created multiple patent-pending technologies, including the zipline industry's most advanced pulley. Our line of zipline harnesses boasts more mechanical redundancy than any other zipline harness in use today. Our harnesses, statistically, are over four times safer than all "paragliding style" zipline harnesses on the market, and typically about two times safer than traditional zipline style harnesses. This is accomplished by creating permanent harness connections wherever possible - to eliminate any chance of human error - and adding redundancy wherever permanent connections are not possible.


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