Big Island

Line 1 is our training line and will ease you nicely into a day of ziplining adventures.

Did you know: This line is named Ua, the Hawaiian word for rain. It is common to be greeted by a passing mist on this side of the island. If it does happen to be raining on the day of your tour, you will have the added benefit of swollen waterfalls and faster lines! We offer full body rain gear and are always excited about this added element of excitement!

Whizz through a tunnel of banana trees and breath in the fresh Hawaiian air on line 2.

Did you know: Mai’a means banana in Hawaiian. Our tour shares land with farmers and during the tour we’ll introduce you to Hawaiian canoe plants, such as bananas, that were brought over to Hawaii on voyaging canoes as early as 300 A.D. by Eastern Polynesians.

Rush past the first waterfall on the tour—this one’s 40-feet tall, and they get bigger from here.

Did you know: Wai means fresh water or any liquid besides ocean water.

A short walk will bring you to the start of line 4—the longest line of the tour up to this point.

Did you know: This line is named Kalo for taro, a staple plant in Hawaiian culture. Look for the growing Kalo on the take-off side of this line.

Line 5 opens up panoramic views of the Hamakua coastline.

Did you know: Ko, or sugar cane, was an important industry in Hawaii’s history. In old Hawaii, sugar cane was used as a windbreak around housing and as supply for hydration and sugar. As you look out on the panoramic view from line 5 to the Hamakua coast, consider the transformation of the Big Island when sugar was introduced on a much larger scale.

Line 6 sends you over a 200-foot ravine carving its way through the valley.

Did you know: This line is named pua’a for the numerous wild pig sightings in the area.

Line 7 keeps you soaring for more than 60 seconds and zips you over a 450-foot ravine where you’ll see a waterfall crashing right below your feet.

Did you know: Literally translated to jumping water, ‘Wailele’ means waterfall in Hawaiian. Our grand finale zipline will take you breath away as you soar over a 200-foot tall waterfall.

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Big island 7 Line Adventure tour
2.5 hours*

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Experience 7 incredible ziplines that pass above jaw-dropping scenery, along unrivaled spans, including the only zipline in Hawaii that soars over a 250' waterfall!
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Big Island Zip & Dip Tour
5 hours*

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Experience 7 amazing ziplines with awe-inspiring landscape and ocean view, then spend a couple of hours swimming or relaxing on shore enjoying the clear mountain water of our privately owned 50 foot waterfall. Kids zip $50 off!
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