Tips For Getting a Great Zipline Action Photo

Ziplining presents a few unique challenges when it comes to taking perfect action photos. Since our first commercial zipline tour was established on Haleakala in 2002, we have taken a lot of zipline action photos of our guides and for our guests. Here are our tips and tricks!

Hawaii Island is Open for Business!

As most people have seen, there is a lot of action happening on Hawaii Island (The Big Island). The images of the spewing lava is quite a site to see! But, for us here, it just another normal day in paradise.

Historic Honomu Town

You will feel as if you are stepping back in time when you explore the unique and historic town of Honomu.

Big Island Eats

Big Island has a very wide variety of unforgettable food options. Here are a few places that you have to try during your Hawaiian vacation.

Things to Do Near Hilo on Big Island

There are so many must-see places and must-do activities on Big Island. It can be a little overwhelming to decide what you want to do if you don’t narrow down activities based on your location.

History of Ziplining

Zipline tours have exploded in popularity in recent years, but it hasn’t always been fun and games. The origins of this recreational activity are surprising.