Humpback Whales

Each year, Hawaii receives some special visitors during the winter months…whales!

Eight Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

Wipe Out Plastic is an organization that is working to remove plastic from the oceans. You can do your part in this mission by following these eight guidelines for reducing the amount of plastic you use.

Local Farmer’s Markets on Maui

While you’re on Maui, there are many farmer’s markets where you can buy local products. The items you will find at Maui’s many farmer’s markets range from local, organic produce to unique products made by local artists. These farmer’s markets are sure to fill your reusable bags with sustenance and souvenirs.

Studies Show Sunscreen Choice Saves Coral Reefs

Coral reef loss is occurring around the world. As individuals, we may not have the ability to directly control the ocean’s temperature. But, we can control what type of sunscreen we use before getting into the water.

Ways to Give Back to Maui While on Vacation

While visiting a beautiful place like Maui, it is easy to relax on and enjoy the many scenic beaches. Little do people know, it is also easy to give back to the island by volunteering a few hours of their vacation.

Rapid ʻŌhiʻa Death

With every new month in 2017 comes a chance for Skyline to highlight and give back to a new organization. While our choice this month may not be a specific organization, we believe this cause is essential to bring awareness to and support.