Follow These Pinterest Boards if you Love Adventure Travel

Pinterest is a social sharing website that people use to discover new ideas like dinner recipes, outfit ideas, party decorations, and travel inspiration. If you love to travel, you need to be on Pinterest.  Many, many popular travel bloggers have Pinterest profiles that they use to show off their picture-perfect adventures.

If you can’t already tell, traveling is a popular topic on Pinterest. If you love to travel just about anywhere, here are a few Pinterest profiles you need to follow right now.

  • Jetsetter offers hotel recommendations, breathtaking imagery of vacation destinations, and travel advice for trips around the world on their Pinterest profile.
  • Go Travel Hawaii helps you find the best restaurants, coffee shops, hiking trails and island tours in Hawaii.
  • The Planet D follows travel bloggers Dave and Deb who have traveled to over 110 countries around the globe. They are also listed as one of Forbes Top 10 Travel Influencers.
  • Cate Lincoln- Hawaii Travel Tips shows the best beaches to hang out on around Hawaii and other things you have to do when you are on the islands.
  • yTravel Blog offers travel advice and inspiration for treks around the world.
  • Loney Planet is a Pinterest blog that is meant to inspire you to get out and explore every day.

Here are a few Pinterest boards you need to follow for the best Hawaii travel pins:

Here are a couple of the best global adventure travel Pinterest boards:

Here are a couple of the best global adventure travel group boards. Communities join together to create these group boards from all over the world. They pin things that they have done and things that inspire them to travel.

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