A Day in Hilo

Driving into Hilo on Hawaii Island your first thoughts might be “not a lot going on here”. But once you dive into this sleepy looking town you begin to realize how fun and unique it really is.

Our Story

It’s tough to picture a world without having the option to zip through the air but back in 2002 it was a totally new concept. And how Skyline got started is an adventure of its own!

Becoming a Skyline Guide—What it Takes

Not only will you be thrilled by ziplining our course, learn more about Hawaiian culture, and enjoy spectacular views – but we’d like to think you will be led by the best of the best! We take pride in our guides.

Top Things to Do When Visiting Haleakala

The massive Maui volcano that is Haleakala, or the East Maui Volcano, forms more than 75% of our Hawaiian Island of Maui. It offers a wide range of activities for an all day adventure.