Origin of the Ukulele

The iconic Hawaiian instrument, the ukulele, is a favorite among locals and tourists, but where did this miniature four-string guitar come from?

Hawaii’s Native Birds

Hawaii, beautiful and unlike anywhere else in the world. A unique and extraordinary chain of islands that are full of a seemingly never-ending array of plant and animal life, including Hawaii’s native birds.

Top 5 Upcountry Maui Restaurants

Upcountry Maui is a place of amazing views, farm fresh food and laid back vibes and is a must see on your vacation to Maui. If you are a foodie and seeking an exceptional culinary experience, here are our top 5 Upcountry Maui restaurants.

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

May 1st is a cultural and historical celebration in Hawaii known as May Day. May Day is highly anticipated each year by the people of Hawaii and visitors