Top 5 Maui Snorkeling Spots

Snorkeling has been a popular hobby for years and has become a “must do” activity for all those who are visiting.

Historic Honomu Town

You will feel as if you are stepping back in time when you explore the unique and historic town of Honomu.

Big Island Eats

Big Island has a very wide variety of unforgettable food options. Here are a few places that you have to try during your Hawaiian vacation.

Things to Do Near Hilo on Big Island

There are so many must-see places and must-do activities on Big Island. It can be a little overwhelming to decide what you want to do if you don’t narrow down activities based on your location.

Fun February Events on Maui

Looking for something unique to do during your stay in Maui, Hawaii? The month of February is full of fun festivals and events.

The Most Amazing Ziplines in the United States

There are many ziplines around the U.S. and all of them are unique. Whether you have a goal of taking on every zipline adventure in the country or if you simply want to know where the best ziplines are, this is the perfect place to start.

Ziplining in the Rain

In Hawaii, it rains somewhere on the islands every single day of the year. This is due to Hawaii’s location in the Pacific ocean. Rainfall amounts are different on each Hawaiian Island and within each microclimate. Ziplining in the rain is simply part of the excitement and experience.

Seven Questions to Ask Before you Go Ziplining

The anticipation of a ziplining adventure can be so exhilarating that sometimes you can forget to ask about the important details. Here are the questions you need to ask so you are ready for your adventure.

How long should your Hawaiian Vacation be?

If it’s your first time to Hawaii, it is safe to assume that you will want to stay for longer than just a quick weekend getaway. All of the islands have so much to offer, and it is important to make sure you have time to take full advantage of this paradise.