Why Listening to Your Guide is Important

Ziplining is a fun adventure for couples and families alike! Not only is it a fun activity, but it is also a very safe one thanks to our high safety standards and incredible guides.

The best safety tip you could ever receive when ziplining is to listen to your guides. The zipline tour guides who take you on your tour are trained professionals who know how to keep you safe while you are having fun.

Our professional guides always put safety first. Each of our guides completes a minimum of 80 hours of training. That is double the amount of time that the industry standard requires!

All of Skyline Eco-Adventures zipline courses are inspected every single day by our guides. In addition to these rigorous daily inspections, our coures are inspected at least one time per year by a professional ACCT accredited inspector.

Our guides will help fit you in appropriate safety gear like helmets and harnesses before ziplining. They will also make sure you meet all restrictions set for ziplining with us such as wearing closed-toe shoes and being within the specified weight & age requirements.

Your guides are also trained to determine if the current weather conditions are safe to zipline in. For example, if it is raining we will most likely allow our guests to go on the tour. In fact, ziplining in the rain is a lot of fun! But, if it is storming, we will not let our guests go out on the ziplines because of the danger associated with lightning.

Our team of guides love having fun, but if they ask you to stop doing something it is for a very good reason. Please listen to their rules to help make sure that you have a safe and fun time on your next zipline adventure with us in Hawaii.

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